Here are answers to our frequently asked questions. Have a question that’s not answered here?  E-mail us at fatfitnessanthology@gmail.com

Do I have to consider myself an “athlete” to be part of this?

No!  Absolutely not. We want the widest possible variety of authors- beginners to people who have been involved in fitness for years, and hobbyists to professional athletes. If you are a fat person involved in the fitness world we would love for you to submit a proposal.

Does my piece have to be long?

Not necessarily.  We anticipate that some pieces may be longer, but we want you to use the words you need to tell your story, there is no minimum word count.

How will this be published?

This anthology will be published in book form. We wanted to be in control of the publishing process in order to make sure that the price is reasonable, the authors are compensated and there is as much flexibility as possible in the process.

Will authors be compensated?

Yes. Authors whose work appears in the anthology will be paid via profit share on each book sold. They will also have the opportunity for an additional percentage of profit for every book that they sell through their affiliate link.


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